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Hot/Cold Rooms

Hot Cold Rooms - Aeroseal Tech Inc

Most of the homes with central air system built in the last century have noticeably hot and cold rooms. These include new built and custom homes. Aeroseal Tech actually sees a fairly even 50/50 split in our customers and the age of their home. Young versus old; both experience the same issue of leaky ducts and the resulting uneven temperature distribution in their home.

Here is what many homeowners tend to do in their attempt to fix hot or cold rooms:

  • Replace windows and doors
  • Insulate attic and garage ceiling
  • Replace furnace and A/C to higher efficiency unit
  • Install programmable/smart thermostat

All that and more rarely actually solves the problem of hot or cold rooms, and instead ends up costing homeowners tens of thousand of dollars.

The actual cause of hot and cold rooms is leakage in the ductwork and it remains hidden behind the walls unfixed.

Ductwork is made from galvanized steel, or sheet metal, which was designed over a century ago. This design is used to this day with very little innovation or change. A single home can have hundreds of pieces that make up the duct system. Metal to metal connection results in cracks and gaps which cause your system to lose air pressure and failure to deliver the necessary amount of air flow to all the rooms in your home and instead this air is lost in to your walls and basement. In some cases poor workmanship by an HVAC contractor can result in disconnected ducts that would need to be located and reconnected.

Duct leakage can be upwards of 30%-40% of the total conditioned air produced by the furnace, air handler and/or an air conditioner. The rooms that are furthest from the furnace have the most drastic temperature fluctuation. Rooms above the garage are often the most problematic, as well as a freezing or very hot basement.

Consumers have been the driving force behind energy efficiency and innovation in home improvement. We have seen energy efficient furnace and A/C units, cars, windows, higher R value for wall insulation and even energy efficient light bulbs! Yet, the ductwork system has been virtually untouched for generations!

Finally there is progress and innovation!

Aeroseal Tech’s aerosol ductwork sealing technology was invented and developed by the Energy Performance of Buildings Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1994. Aeroseal tackles duct leaks from the inside with its patented breakthrough technology. Escaping air and aerosol sealant are forced under pressure which causes polymer particles to stick first to the edges of a leak, then to each other until the leak is completely sealed, sealing leaks upward of 5/8 of an inch.