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High energy bills | Hot Cold Rooms | Aeroseal Tech

High Energy Bills

High energy bills | Hot Cold Rooms | Aeroseal Tech

High Energy Bills are an unfortunate reality for many Canadians and most felt during the hottest and coldest seasons.

A few factors contribute to this:

  • Energy Costs
  • Insulation quality and quantity
  • Equipment efficiency and age (furnace, a/c, and ductwork)

Energy costs are not possible to control or change, it is a reality we all deal with. Insulation quality and quantity is fixable but can be quite costly as it would mean opening walls and or ceiling to add or replace insulation. Equipment efficiency is something known to every home owner and many have attempted to improve on it. But your heating and cooling equipment is only as good as the ductwork you have. What many homeowners do not realize is that the reason why they have to keep their heating/cooling equipment running to get the rooms in their home to be somewhat bearable is leakage in their ductwork. Yet replacing ductwork would be not only very messy, but super expensive. And for many it is simply not an option as you would need to tear the whole house apart. This means ductwork remains untouched and unfixed in every house, while homeowners try the band-aid solutions of changing their equipment. In a typical home in Ontario we see an average of 30%-40% of air leakage. That is conditioned air that your energy efficient furnace or a/c producing that does not get to its destination and instead gets lost in your walls!

Sealing your ductwork with Aeroseal’s patented technology can get your ductwork as tight as 99%. This will convert into more air flow pressure, rooms heating/cooling to the right temperature in a fraction of time and elimination of temperature fluctuation in your home. This also converts into money savings on your energy bills since your system runs for shorter periods of time and truly works efficiently. Annual savings observed by our customers were upwards of $600 a year. Of course, this depends on how often and long you run your system, peak energy times and home sizes. But with savings like this Aeroseal will pay for itself within a few years!